Take your brain health to the next level

Our coaching programs will help you say goodbye to the mental mess that is keeping you stuck and will equip you with a personal built strategy to grow and achieve your future goals.

Coaching Program Breakdown

Phase one - Identify

We identify current barriers and potential root causes that are keeping you stuck.

We also identify your future goals and aspirations

Phase two - Eliminate

We then aim to alleviate those barriers in order to get unstuck

We equip you with practical tools to continually alleviate barriers that come up in life

Phase three - Move Forward

We then look to strategize and create a pathway that leads you towards achieving your future goals. 

We help you become intentional with daily actions in order to build momentum towards the future


Certified in mental health with a background of psychology and counselling, Rico Gomez is a mental health coach.

His passion is to help working professionals become unstuck from the mental chaos in order experience life to the fullest. Rico’s drive for mental health and well-being stems from his own battle with mental illness and being able to overcome the barriers of anxiety and depression.

Through his study in Psychology and Counselling and his research in Cognitive Neuroscience, Rico found techniques that restructured his brain to overcome these barriers. Book a free session with Rico today!

What our clients say

Having my Professional sporting career end with concussion, going through a failed relationship, full of anxiety and depression, lacking identity, motivation, purpose and had a-lot of internal unresolved trauma affecting every minute of my life.
Through my journey on the NeuroFit program I learnt to deal with the root of my anxiety, I built a resilience in myself I never knew existed, any self doubt was diminished and i had a new found drive and purpose for life. I am now off pills and no longer battling with depression!

Anton Tikao-Harkes

Ex Pro Athlete
I met with Rico and he explained the process well and that motivated me to dig deep and go searching for the issues that had bogged me down since I was a child.
It was the best money I have personally ever spent as he gave me the tools and knowledge to be able to over come what I thought was permanent. After a few weeks of doing the 8 week program consistently I could definitely notice change in myself not just mentally but physically and hadn’t felt that good in a long long time, I’ll never forget that feeling.

Ethan Blackadder


I was stuck, and frequently frustrated. It’s hard to find a good coach or person to walk through that with you. Rico’s coaching allowed me to get free from this frustration, address some underlying negative thought patterns, and begin to see the big picture again. I’m now back to being positive, creative and excitable! Thoroughly recommended. 

Brad Robinson

Director of Flow Limited

Rico has helped me a lot with my mental health and well-being throughout my years of knowing/working with him. I struggled a lot with procrastination and motivation. He taught me how to intrinsically motivate myself such as routines, positive affirmation, writing things down and many more that help me mentally. As a business owner I constantly use these techniques and wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this.


Way Fitness Drirector

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