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"Achieving organisational health is the greatest advantage any organisation can have because health is the foundation of sustainable growth" - Patrick Lencioni

The success of an organisation is often an outcome from the teams working within it. Putting an emphasis on team health is vitally important as it has a direct impact on organisational health 

Mental health barriers such as stress, anxiety, depression and toxic emotions can significantly impact an individual. Over time this will affect the health of the whole team. 

A few areas that we often see being affected by mental health barriers in teams: Productivity, morale, trust, staff turnover, conflict, poor communication and so much more!



In these seminars your organisation will be equipped to make significant changes toward health. It will spark great discussion between team members and help them to make mental health changes within their own life.

Below are a few seminar topics that we provide:

– The Mental Health Blueprint
– How To Make Stress Work For You
– Building Healthy Mindsets
– Building Resilience
– Or, Custom made to suit organisation


Our interactive workshops are a great way to build long lasting health and we aim to equip team members to alleviate mental health barriers from their own lives. When individuals are able to share experiences and how it relates for them, we have found that this lifts morale and connectivity between team members. We have found that interactive workshops help team members connect on an emotional level which builds a deeper trust for each other. Our workshops are suitable for up to 20 people.

What our clients say

Rico joined our full people leadership team meeting at the start of this year where he was able to guide us through a different way to think about our mental health. Rico is such a down to earth, friendly and approachable guy, and this really shone through with his presentation. Our team really enjoyed hearing from him and I had lots of comments to how relatable Rico’s messaging was. The reason Rico’s messaging was so valuable is he has personally experienced challenges with his mental health and he has been able to overcome the challenges, which gives credibility to his messaging and advice. The time we spent with Rico was really worthwhile – thank you Rico for your passion, energy and willingness to put yourself out there to help others.”


ANZ Branch Manager

“I am very excited to recommend Rico Gomez for the Mental Health Workshop. Our department was going through some major change and our team’s resilience was diminishing. We gave Rico the opportunity to take our teams through his workshop. This would give them understanding and tools on how they can restructure their brain to respond differently to change. He also focused on how to build a positive mindset no matter what is happening around you. He took our team through the workshop and the response was absolutely brilliant. The team was motivated after the session to use the practical tools and go through the steps to put things in perspective.”


Sales & Service Optimisation Manager - NZI

“I attended one of NeuroFit thought life workshops and I was very impressed with the content prepared and how well it was communicated. Obviously studying the brain and thought patterns can get a bit confusing, but Rico was able to confidently communicate his material in a coherent and intelligent approach while making it very easy to understand and follow along. I look forward to attending more of Rico’s workshops in the future.”

Morgan Rutledge

Teacher - Physical Education

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