Simon T Fox

– Perfectionism

I had been spending time seeking God around what he wanted me to focus on next in my personal growth, and I really felt like he said “You spend so much time focusing on growth of yourself however you have never focused on building your mental wellbeing, I want you to focus on that.”

Mental Wellbeing was never something I thought I should or needed to work on. I didn’t think I had anything of substance to work through and thought I was in a good state. However I was obedient and reached out to Rico.

My time with Rico and NeuroFit changed my life. It brought up things that I didn’t realise was holding me back from being the best husband, leader and friend I could be. It helped me to work through this underlying need to prove to everyone that I was good enough for them. It has helped me to move my focus from perfection and on to seeing value in myself.

I would recommend this to everybody. I was somebody that didn’t think I needed to do something like this, however I am so thankful I did. Along with the people around me, I am so much better off by doing this. Thank you to Rico and Neurofit.

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