Everything we do, we do to equip! We do not create co-dependency, but instead, provide service that produces real results. We believe every person has the ability to be great and our mission is to remove the barriers that hinder.

Helping people get unstuck from the mental mess is our main focus, with the intention that every person will feel empowered to be exactly who they were made to be. 

Get unstuck
by clearing
the mental

Let's get real for a sec...

The state of our mental
health in NZ is heartbreaking.

1/ 100

New Zealanders will experience
mental illness in their lifetime.


New Zealand patients used antidepressants in 2018.

0 %

of New Zealanders will experience mental distress or addiction challenges or both in their lifetime.

1/ 100

New Zealanders will experience depression at some time in their life.

What we’re doing
about this.

We are working with leaders in both high performance sports and businesses, to clear the mental mess for themselves so that they can lead their homes and people from a place of victory. We are also equipping working professionals through professional development and events that provide education and practical tools to clear the mental mess.

We also contribute in a consulting manor to the NeuroFit Foundation. This foundation has a vision of enabling young people to become who they want to be by providing a platform that clears the mental mess. They are a non for profit purely focused on impacting youth across this nation!

What you can
do about this.

Breaking the stigma around mental health in NZ begins with you. It starts with you equipping yourself. Caring for others becomes easier when you begin to care for yourself. We have a range of services to help you with this. The next step is to genuinely care for your neighbour. Fear is rampant right now, and fear centres you around one thought, “What is going to happen to me?”. When you genuinely care for people in your world, your gaze naturally moves off yourself and onto others. What you are doing here is allowing love to drive out fear. Caring for people in your world does wonders for them and for yourself. Go and buy someone a coffee and talk life!



When an individual has lost hope and belief in themselves, we will believe on their behalf..

By being approachable to the widest possible audience, we break down barriers associated with mental health and seeking help.

We take effective action and ensure you leave better than you came.

We do not create co-dependency; we equip people with tools to overcome mental barriers in the future.

We equip people to be confident and discover their real value in the shortest possible time frame.

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