Anton Tikao-Harkes

– Depression, Suicidal, Past Trauma, Chronic Anxiety


I came to NeuroFit after attempting to end my life!

Having my Professional sporting career end with concussion, going through a failed relationship, full of anxiety and depression, lacking identity, motivation, purpose and had a-lot of internal unresolved trauma affecting every minute of my life.

Through my journey on the NeuroFit program I learnt to deal with the root of my anxiety, I built a resilience in myself I never knew existed, any self doubt was diminished and i had a new found drive and purpose for life.
I am now off pills and no longer battling with depression!

The fact you have to delve internally to grow is incredibly daunting and is really difficult to do but the processes, knowledge and tools Rico possessed and shared is incredibly encouraging, motivating and allows for authenticity and trust.

This is a true testament to the man he is in both his personal and professional life.
I have a new found love for reading, I attend church regularly and am so encouraged by the results, I want to now inspire my pairs and help society to grow as people. I never thought this was possible prior to starting with Rico.

I whole heartily recommend the NeuroFit kaupapa to anyone experiencing any unrest and uncertainty in their lives in what ever capacity that may be.

He has enabled me to change my life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and will no doubt help you to discover the best you possible as well.

We are all students to to our own being, invest in yourself, put in the work and let God do the rest.


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