Brad lake

– Frustrated With Thoughts and Corresponding Behaviour

We run a podcast called the Growth State podcast. We invited Rico on after hearing about how his program was tackling some of the biggest challenges in our society and how his method and program was helping his clients overcome their own limitations and effects of life events. Often without them even knowing they existed. The interview was one of the best we had done and learning how his program could ‘unprogramme’ beliefs, thoughts and behaviours was eye opening.
I signed up the next week and the idea that we could change the ingrained thought patterns we have fascinated me. I had thoughts daily that I just did not want there but did not know how to change them, only trying to avoid them.
The Program helped me process a specific life event that affected me deeply. I did not realise how deeply or how much this event influenced my behaviour but this programme made it very clear how I could change the effects and how I could process it and not let it affect me.
It was a game changer for my personal development and opening my mind to the mindset I could change my thoughts and deal with behaviour that I did not like or want in my life anymore.
Everyone’s life has hard or difficult times, the situations change, but the perceptions and reactions do not. We are our own worst enemy but I now realise we can all overcome and change our reaction and behaviours that we don’t like. It has made a major difference to my life, completely changing my perspective on myself and how I treat myself and the others around me.
Everyone should do a course like this, it’s amazing what you will find.”

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