Cody Kirby

– Feeling stuck, frustrated and battling with mental distress

I have recently completed NeuroFit’s mental health coaching program, and I can say without a doubt that it has been life changing. I always knew that I had mental health issues that I could work on addressing, however I always thought they weren’t severe enough to justify seeking help. NeuroFit appealed to me as the program’s scientific structure and set duration meant that I could try and make a real difference for myself without having to undertake years of therapy, and make a real difference it did.

Naturally I employed coping mechanisms throughout my life to try and minimise the impact of my underlying mental health problems. These provided short-term relief, but often led to more severe long-term issues. The program helped me to better understand how my past experiences created the struggles I face and empowered me to confront the underlying root causes. By resolving those underlying issues directly, I no longer feel the need or desire to employ those previous coping mechanisms. Better yet, I am able to focus on pursuing my goals and aspirations of who I really want to be, rather than the person my mental health challenges was making me be.

All of us have experiences in our lives which leave lasting impacts on our mental health. It doesn’t matter what stage in life we are in or how severe we think our mental health issues are, the benefits of addressing them and finding closure are limitless. NeuroFit would be my recommendation for anyone who is committed and motivated to change themselves and their life for the better.


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