Ethan Blackadder

– Professional Athlete, Fear, Anxiety, Regret

I had a lot of anxiety around memory’s from the past. A lot of regret of things I wish hadn’t happened, and over the years of bottling it up, not knowing or having any systems to deal with it, it had finally come to my attention that I need some help.

I met with Rico and he explained the process well and that motivated me to dig deep and go searching for the issues that had bogged me down since I was a child.

It was the best money I have personally ever spent as he gave me the tools and knowledge to be able to over come what I thought was permanent.

After a few weeks of doing the 7 week program consistently I could definitely notice change in myself not just mentally but physically and hadn’t felt that good in a long long time, I’ll never forget that feeling.

Rico hasn’t just given me the tools to help myself but he really changed my look on life and empowered me to become someone I thought I could never be! I’m most grateful for that, I fully recommend Rico & NeuroFit programme to anyone that’s struggling out there or wants to find answers that they just can’t get and to be the best version of them selves.

Thank you Rico & NeuroFit you’ve changed my life!”

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