Holly Gardiner

– Burnout / Anxiety
I found the NeuroFit program by chance after hearing Rico give a presentation at the Unbreakable Gym. I had recently left my job due to burn out. I was also filled with self doubt and often felt like I was constantly ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ and for things to go wrong. I felt lost and had little confidence in myself and my abilities. I was at a point where I was seriously considering alternative career paths and didn’t know which way to turn.
When Rico described the NeuroFit program to me I was a little sceptical. But I promised myself I would give it 100%, trust the process and see what happened. 
In making my way through the program I quickly came to discover how effective it could be and learnt things about myself I never knew. In taking this journey I’ve learnt to trust myself again, how to turn down the self doubt and turn up the belief that I am enough as I am. I feel more present in my everyday life and can clearly see when my old thought patterns are triggered. The difference is I’m now better equipped to handle these situations. Whenever I used to feel anxiety hit, my autopilot response was to run. Get away from the situation and then ruminate on the situation for hours and days, causing me more greive than even the original situation did. Now, situations and events still worry me, but I can process it easier. I’ve learnt to lean in just a little bit too because being uncomfortable is where the growth is. I’m on a new path now, hoping to study part time and I’ve also just started a new job part time too. I’m excited to learn more about myself this year as I keep growing and thriving. 
I would recommend NeuroFit to anyone and everyone!

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