James August

– Anxiety, panic attacks

At the start of this year, I experienced some intense anxiety and stress that ended up as a panic attack. I didn’t realise it at the time, but anxiety has been there as long as I can remember. I grew up as a gang kid in a broken home and had terrible relationships with others, which, as you can imagine, left its mark. However, the most obvious wins of breaking the cycle and doing well leading into adulthood hid a lot of underlying mess that was taking its toll. So when it finally reached its boiling point, I realised that I needed to face my past and really sort through it.

I sought the traditional route of counselling, which ended up giving me a plan for 44 sessions a year for 3 years. My heart dropped and I left feeling hopeless, disappointed, and angry. Thankfully, after telling all this to Rico, he laughed and said, “Bro, let’s go”, which just alleviated everything. I joined the NeuroFit Cohort program and over the 8 sessions, we did not play around. It felt like my life experience went from a hoarder’s garage to a neatly organised suitcase. The weight of it all became nothing. I actively forgave and consciously disagreed with people’s words, actions, and expectations that I had been carrying since a kid.

It wasn’t fluffy work. It took being vulnerable and real with myself. My circumstances haven’t gotten better, but now I’m so much more resilient. Every week, I slowly realise  that certain people and things are not affecting me like they did only months ago.

Couldn’t recommend this program enough to anybody.

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