James Flower

– Struggling to sleep and handle daily demands

The 7-week Neurofit program has been transformative for me.

Initially, I was struggling to sleep amidst the rapid changes life was throwing my way—juggling home responsibilities, professional demands, and the challenge of balancing various aspects of my life. Engaging with Rico throughout this process was pivotal. He equipped me with the tools to dismantle the barriers preventing me from rationalizing and navigating life’s complexities.

The outcome was profound. What initially seemed like a ‘mental mess’ became clear—I realized it was past memories and life scenarios that hindered my ability to process and cope with daily challenges. This realization was an unlock as it removed the ceiling blocking my personal growth.

Now armed with these tools, I’ve achieved a significant shift. I can finally get the sleep I need, and I’ve learned to prioritize what truly matters in life. This, in turn, has empowered me to become a better husband, father, friend, a more effective work peer, and a capable leader.

Who would benefit from this course? I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to shatter their perceived limitations and challenge their perspective on life itself.


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