John Fowley

– Depression, Anxiety, Burnout


My story is a familiar one with many, I hit the wall and fell pretty hard….

I had been diagnosed with depression and was suffering from debilitating anxiety which had led me to take several months of work to get myself back on track. This was a very slow process as I never realised how far along the depression road I had travelled.

I had help along the way from clinical psychologists which really was a life saver in the way of helping me open up to myself and accepting what had happened and the changes that needed to be made.
After Around 5 months I was making slow progress but not looking like I was going to be back on deck anytime soon and along came Rico from NeuroFit…

I met Rico at a presentation at Burnside Rugby Club. I was really keen on his enthusiasm for life and his suggestion that anxiety and depression could be gone.

Once I signed up he was kind and considerate to my issues and set me on the road of exploring my toxic thoughts through the Neurofit programme , a journey that was difficult in parts but for me was a great adventure with a great outcome for myself and my family.

Since the day of my final session , December 20th 2021, I have not suffered from anxiety since and now I have the tools and understanding to help me keep my life on a different trajectory from before. I was back working 2 months later around 3 months ahead of schedule.

Thanks Rico and Neurofit program for the help and support. I have no hesitation recommending Rico to my friends and colleagues who are looking to delve a bit deeper to clear that mental mess.”

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