Lanie Astley

– Anxiety, Ultimate lowes, Frustration

I discovered Neurofit approximately 7 months ago now and started the journey with a little trepidation due to past experiences with many therapists over the years (some good some not so good), however I was soon to find out that Rico is not your normal therapist and the programme is not your normal therapy.

When I first started the programme with Rico I had no idea what I was in for but I’m so glad I did it – I learnt more about myself in the first 21 days than I had during the many years of traditional therapy that I had endured. This is because I was having to hold myself accountable to the programme as no one else was running the daily sessions, I found it both confronting and enlightening and the freedom I felt by being allowed to voice my own truth to myself was so incredibly empowering.

When I started, I was in a dark place with not alot going for me (in my mind anyway) him and his programme changed my mindset so that I have dealt with a lot of the road blocks and now rather than threats to be avoided at all costs I have made them into opportunities to build strength and resilience and I can now see a future filled with hope and optimism and goals to be achieved.

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