Mitch King

– Debilitating Anxiety that effected all aspects of life | Getting off Medication


“I contacted Rico at NeuroFit to help me get to the bottom of debilitating anxiety that affected me for years.
The anxiety at times were very overwhelming and it was negatively impacting my marriage, business and relationship with my son, not to mention my own mental and physical health.
I had always seen myself as being in touch with my emotions and general awareness of how I am feeling, However i just couldn’t shake the anxiety, no matter how much I engaged in healthy activities, be it, training in the gym, eating healthy foods, meditation or other feel good activities it just wouldn’t go away.
As I felt quite helpless, I went in search of the quick fix.
I went to my doctor and explained my situation and they had no hesitation in putting me straight onto antidepressants and it made a difference for a while however the toxic feelings started creeping back in. I then moved on to taking CBD products on top of the antidepressants which also worked for a while, however the effects soon wore off.
I was at a crossroad, do I go to my doctor and up my dosage and keep doing it forever, or do I speak to someone.
I decided to reach out to Rico to book a meeting to discuss my dilemma, I wasn’t sure how it would go as I hadn’t been victim to any significant events in my life that I was aware of, however I went with it.
On the first meeting I discussed my situation and Rico was soon onto the root cause of what was going on and we decided to jump straight into a 7 week NeuroFit course.
The course was amazing and I learnt and dealt with a whole lot of previous life events that I didn’t think were an issue, however with the tools that the program got me to implement all made sense as I started moving through the course.
After completing the course I have come off all medication and live a life with close to zero anxiety and I now have the tools to deal with certain things when they pop up.
I highly recommend Neurofit as it is 100% a life changer”

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