Tina Abernethy

– Past Trauma, Constant Stress and Anxiety, Low Moods

When I heard about Rico’s mental health coaching program I was in a desperate place, feeling it was hopeless. I reached out to find out more about what he does. At the start I had a few hesitations:
First one was the cost, I hesitated thinking that’s a lot of money, what if I don’t get the results. In the end I decided I was valuable enough to invest into my future (I would not hesitate to pay if it was my car) so I was determined to prioritise myself for a change.
My other hesitation was that I would not understand what he would be talking about and this would affect me working with him. What I found is that Rico has an incredible way of explaining things. He was very good at breaking things down for me. For me the gold I found in this was gaining knowledge & understanding how my mind, brain & body effect each other and that I can change the way I think which will intern effect my body!

After the first week I noticed results, my husband could not believe the change in me & how fast it was happening. When I came to Rico I was:
-Burnt out
-Had Anxiety
-Breathing disorder
-Low mood
-Sore shoulders & neck
-A lot of tension in my body
-Battled with dyslexia and reading books!

My anxiety has gone right down, I know what to do if anxiety or fear come up, tension in my body has gone. I can now do simple jobs again. I have retrained my breathing, I feel happy, joyful, and the best version of myself. I’m getting to know the real me!
I actually like who I am as a person. It’s the first time I have been able to genuinely believe that about myself!
I am even reading books now & enjoying it. I never realised I could feel so good in myself. I feel free to be me. I now have the capacity to do normal life.

I am so grateful for Rico taking the time with me. My husband was so excited for me, now he has started the program for himself.
I would highly recommend the NeuroFit Coaching Program! It is by far the
best investment I have ever made, I am a better wife, mother, sister, overall a better person.
I now love who I am and am so thankful I did this prog

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