Tina Nicol

– Self doubt and struggling to sleep


I was lucky enough to have Rico come into my workplace and present a small part of NeuroFit to us & I found I could relate to him straight away!

Over several years I have been one of those people that have tried so many methods and strategies to get myself in a good space.  They worked for a period of time and gave me some good tools to help clear the chatter in my head etc.

However with the NeuroFit program, Rico actually helped me recognise that I had been carrying things through my entire life that was heavily impacting my day to day. It was incredible to finally recognise why I was doing the things I was.  All from a few harsh words that had been said to me as a child shaped the rest of my life until now.

The NeuroFit program has really changed how I view myself and what I want for the rest of my life. 

One of the best things that has come out of this for me is SLEEP. 

I have struggled to sleep for a very long time, or to just have a good sleep in general but since doing NeuroFit, my sleep has been amazing.  

Rico I am truly lucky to have met you and I sing your praises to everyone, I would love to put my family through this program.

Thank you so much and I can honestly say I now know that I am worthy 🙂

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